10 Reasons to Use Your Credit Card

It IS plastic but not fake – here are some reasons to keep on using your credit cards:

Disperse Payments of commodities purchased over a long period of time which are otherwise very expensive. This is a major perk of having a credit card that you can spread the cost of an item purchased if paying for it in one go does not fit your pocket. Some credit cards offer long interest free periods, while some may have a life-long low interest rate.

Cutting existing Debts becomes easier as debt from one credit card can be transferred to another (See thebadcreditsite for more info about banking with bad credit), that is to a card that charges a comparatively lower rate of interest. This is called balance transfer.

Transactions Abroad are made hassle free as exchanging your currency with that of the host country proves troublesome and costly. Having a credit card can help and customers also get special rebates on using them overseas.

Protecting Your Purchases has never been simpler. We all know that paying with credit card is much safer than paying with debit card or cash. Many credit card providers offer the service of a full refund in case the purchase made by the customer is within a stipulated limit and goes awry or the product bought is not up to the mark. In this case the customer has the choice of approaching either or the card provider.

Earn Cashback by paying your credit card off for its full debt value each month. Many cashback offers are availed by numerous customers by paying the debts on time.

Airmiles are a juicier alternative to some travel freaks! These customers get to enjoy air miles credit and earn discounts on flights or get free travel opportunities just by using their credit card.

Your Credit Rating can be gained back by correctly managing your borrowings, paying the off the card in full every month, using it sensibly and having a high score by using it regularly.

Charity is something that makes everyone feel good and be sure to be one of those people who want to feel good about themselves. Credit card transactions make sure that a percentage of the money spent goes to charity of your choice and donations for any noble cause.

Discounts are very common with credit cards and a lot many customers apply for them just to avail those. Discounts, be it small or big are the biggest advantage attached to credit cards worldwide.

Save Money by shopping for grocery in the markets that are affiliated with credit cards. Or maybe you could earn either a cash back, or some bonus points on your regular shop.


opening a bank account in the UK

Open and apply for a bank account in the UK

Modern bank accounts in many cases are more than simply someplace safe to keep your money and carry out your regular banking practices, with banks offering customers various other advantages. The added attributes that some banks supply range from cashback on your savings, to health insurance policies.Banks additionally pay interest on credits in your account, usually computed annum. With a bank account customers are usually offered a debit card, allowing them to make payments from their account in most outlets. So as to qualify for a bank account with added advantages, especially if an overdraft facility (the facility to spend cash that isn’t in the bank account, up to an agreed amount) is demanded, customers usually need to have a great credit rating and to have a minimal sum paid into the account on a monthly basis.

Accounts for Bankrupts

Setting up a bank account as a broke can be a daunting procedure because of the serious effects that insolvency has on credit ratings. However, if you’ve been declared bankrupt you wont manage to get credit, but will still be able to start account (see Useful Banking). As such, you will likely need to start what’s known as a basic bank account. There is also the choice to open an account without undergoing a credit check, which are known as guaranteed bank accounts. These accounts can be very useful for people who are having trouble securing an account, but the banks frequently charge a small fee for opening them.

Bank Accounts for Kids

Kids can start current accounts from around 11 years old. Bank accounts for kids are much the same as adult accounts, although they usually offer a lesser withdrawal limit per day. you will typically find that most banks have two accounts for kids, one for a lower age group, and another with a higher daily withdrawal limit which is for elderly children. From the age of seven, kids are also able to open a savings account. Bank accounts for kids never use a credit facility, so children can only spend what’s in their account and no more.

Bad Credit Accounts in the UK

There is no need to worry if you’ve got a poor credit rating as you should still be able to get an account with most of the ordinary attributes. The type of account that may normally be offered is called a basic bank account, but it is not always immediately clear that they are offered by banks, and so you may need to ask. You’ll be able to do most things with these accounts, although it’s improbable that you will receive any overdraft ability, or interest on your balance. Most folks are tolerated for basic bank accounts, even if, for example they’re now in an IVA, DMP, DRO or are a released bankrupt.

Student Accounts in the England and Wales

Pupil bank accounts offer all the facilities of a standard account with the added benefit of a free overdraft, provided that customers stay in their contracted overdraft limit. Other advantages of such accounts contain things like railcards. Customers who qualify for a student bank account are usually those who are studying at university and you’ll generally need to provide evidence of your university offer in order to start an account. Once you have completed your class you can still keep you free overdraft facility for a further year by changing your account to a graduate account.

Joint Bank Accounts

A joint bank account is similar to a conventional bank account but has two or more individuals registered as the account holders. With such an account you can pay things like invoices from exactly the same place, instead of from separate accounts, which can be a huge advantage. With a joint account, all parties must have a high level of trust between the account holders, as each individual will be able to take money without clearing it with the others. It’s additionally significant not to forget that any debts that are accumulated by on man’s spending will be liable to be paid by all parties. All applicants would additionally have to pass a credit check so as to qualify for this kind of account.

Company Current Accounts

A company account gives you all of the characteristics of a personal account, but also lets you distinguish between your company and private spending. Yet, it is a requirement of a limited company or venture that a business account is set up and used. You’ll additionally need to have two essential signatories for such an account, although others can also be added if required. Sole traders are able to determine, whether they wish to use their own personal account or a company account for their trades and may also ascertain their own authorisation practices. A company account can be either a straightforward matter including a basic debit card and cheque book, or can be more complex and even include such things as business advisers and loans.


Mortgage protection insurance

Mortgage Protection Insurance in the UK

We humans have basic necessities that we should have in order to survive such as food and clothing. A house is another necessity we need to have in order to continue living because it provides us shelter and protection from the natural weather elements such as the cold rains and intense heat of the sun and it provides us as well protection from the bad human elements, i.e. crooks.

Because of these benefits that we get from having a shelter, it isn’t a surprise that many people dream of someday having their own house to call their home. And how do many of us get to achieve this dream? By getting a job and working as hard as we can of course! With a steady income, we are able to build our dream house and pay our monthly house mortgage.

But the economy nowadays however is no longer as stable as it once had been. Even though the United Kingdom has been fortunate enough not to suffer as badly as other countries because of the world financial crisis, there are still job cutbacks that have been happening here and there. When you suddenly lose your job and your source of income is lost, you and your family will definitely suffer financially. Should you let this happen to you?

The truly smart individuals know that it is always best to be prepared for a rainy day and so what better way to protect yourself and your loved ones than by having a mortgage protection insurance policy?

With this insurance, in the event that you find yourself at a loss of income, you will still have financial support which will be coming from your insurance provider. Your insurance provider will shoulder payments for your monthly house mortgage considering you become eligible to claim the policy of course.

It is not a forever thing however, the financial support you will receive from your insurance provider. There is a maximum cap off that is called otherwise known as a set period. This is the maximum time when the pay outs coming from the insurance provider keeps on going and after this cap off, the pay outs stop with the assumption that you have already found yourself a new job to become your source of income.

You may also claim for mortgage protection when you become seriously ill and this prevents you from working for awhile. Also, if you become injured because of an accident, you can claim for mortgage protection insurance.

Mortgage protection insurance is not extremely necessary, but it may be an excellent investment especially during this fragile economy. While no one wants to imagine their own death or disability, it makes sense to protect your family against losing their home in the event that you are killed or disabled. Protection similar to this is not always called “mortgage protection insurance.” In certain situations, it may be less expensive to take out a term life insurance policy for the length of your mortgage term. For example, if you have a 30 year mortgage for $150,000, it would make sense to take out a term life policy for $150,000, and keep it in force for 30 years. If you die before your mortgage is paid off, the insurance company will pay out $150,000 to your surviving spouse or children so that they can pay off the mortgage and not have to deal with the loss of their home.

How long will mortgage payment protection insurance pay my mortgage?

The number of payments that your mortgage payment insurance will cover is dependent on the policy that you choose. The most common policies will pay out for up to twelve months if you are unemployed due to illness or accident. A policy that also includes coverage if you are laid off will generally require that you establish that the job loss was not your fault before they make payments on the policy.

How much does it cost to have mortgage protection insurance?

Like any other insurance, premiums and cost will vary widely based on many different factors. Be sure to shop around and compare prices and coverage to make sure that you get the best policy for your needs.

Having a mortgage protection insurance policy will definitely help you get through the tough times although you will hear differently from the critics of insurance policies who will tell you that having one is only an additional expense, a financial burden you need not bring upon yourself. Is it not a good thing to achieve peace of mind? This is what you will have when you avail of a mortgage protection insurance policy.

How to choose a reliable bank

   Walking around a small town and big city is hard to find the street where there is no bank branch or ATM. It is due to the fact that today anyone goes hardly without banking services. We preserve our money in the bank, placing the surplus funds in deposit accounts, use credit programs for goods and services, pay utility bills, make transfers, and many other activities. There are large administrative offices in the big cities, and branches, representative offices and satellite offices are in the small towns. Their main task is to provide banking services to the society.

   Due to recent world events, we often hear that one or another commercial bank went bankrupt or ceased to function for several other reasons. How to choose truly reliable bank from a variety of banks?

   To do this, you need to monitor and to study the market of banking services. Decide which service you are interested in.

   It is necessary to make a list of banking institutions that provide the services you need. The list should enter the maximum number of institutions. This should include not only those of which you already know, but also those which visit your friends, colleagues, and of which you have heard in the advertisement etc.

   It is real to determine the reliability of the bank with a large percentage of probability. Carefully review the web site of the bank, read the information about the founders of the bank, find out who they are and their reputation. Look at the financial forums where you can also find answers to your questions. Look at the financial statements. You are sure to find the data of the last balance sheet on their website. Comparison with the data for previous periods. The bank’s assets must be replenished regularly, as well as reserve funds. Thus, you will collect the maximum information from which you can form your own opinion.

   After careful monitoring of the situation, check the reputation of the banks, after the definition of the list of services provided by one or another bank, their number in your list will be greatly diminished. Gather up reviews about the quality of the provision of banking services to the remaining contenders.

   You stayed in one or two banks, in the list of services which is the one that you need. Go to the bank office and tell about your intention to conclude the contract. But do not sign it immediately. First of all, attentively examine each point of the contract, pay attention to all the footnotes, notes in small print and links to other regulations. If there are too many nuances in the contract, then it is a good reason to refuse to sign. The contract must be fully understood by you and laconic. Do not hesitate and ask all the questions that you are interest in. We are talking about your money, you do not have to be shy. Pay much attention to the attitude of manager to you and how he answers your questions. Remember that you have the right to take the contract home and read it carefully or show lawyers and so on.

   You should visit several banks and thoroughly examine their contract for the provision of banking services. Choose the one where you got all desired answers to your questions. Such work is not done by you in vain. Banking service, you require should be provided in the appropriate quality, on time and without any problems.

Safety British Investments

   What is “Gilts” and “Bonds”? The United Kingdom of Great Britain, along with other countries of the world, has created the reliable system of borrowing money by issuing special bonds to the citizens. In the 19 century, the bonds were issued with gold trim and due to this fact they got the expression “the highest security (gold) class» (gilt-edged security). Today, these commitments are called “Gilts”. They are issued by the British government on behalf of the Bank of England. UK Government Bonds and Gilts are the terms for the same paper. Consider the fact that the term “bonds” can be applied to the government securities and bonds issued by private issuers.

   Reliability confirmed historically. UK Gilts is the safest of British investment. Over the last few hundred years the British government has never shied away from its cash obligations. Bonds are bought and sold in electronic form nowadays. If we consider that British government receives more than 200 billion pounds for bonds, the local postmen should be grateful to present technologies for their time saving. Looking back the history, in 1997 the total amount of outstanding bonds was estimated at 275 billion, then by October 2010 it has exceeded a trillion.

   Strong financial reputation. The safety of British bonds confirmed the highest reliability rating from the leading rating agencies on credit risk. Rating managed to survive during the crisis 2008/2009 in UK, showed the financial strength of the UK Gilts. UK Treasury skillfully uses strong financial reputation of the country by issuing debt with a long validity period, which may be up to 50 years. Perfectly understandable that investors will buy these securities only being absolutely sure that the state will not forget about their obligations and in 50 years. Everyone knows that the UK operates its own currency, which greatly facilitates the payment of debts as it is just necessary to print the required amount of money.

   However, investors are also people are not stupid, and they are well aware of this scenario. It is valuable that the UK not only trusts in the payment of debts, but also that it will not allow inflation seriously affects the value of its securities.

   An average maturity of the gilt is about fourteen years. That is why the UK is unknown to the hype, which revolved around the public debt of e.g. Greece and Iceland. The United Kingdom left still enough time for the payment of their debts.